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Offer for bulk buyers,

We breed the Helix Aspersa Muller snail with the highest standards and the regulations of heliculture. Thus, by purchasing from our company you can be sure:

  • that the snails are washed and intestine clean
  • have an epiphragm formed
  • alive with an undamaged and unbroken shell
  • divided in two classes (I and II)
  • packed in 5 kg portions in string bags



Consumer offer,

Due to the growing popularity of the edible snail in Poland, we direct our offer to all restaurants and hotels that want to expand their MENU with an exquisite addition to their dish set. Edible snails are a real culinary delicacy in southwestern Europe.

Helix Aspersa Muller has valuable culinary qualities due to the more delicate and tender meat. Burgundy snails with a baguette, served at a wedding party, will be an exquisite appetizer that will delight the guests. Snail dishes are perfect for all parties, conferences, business meetings and family events.



We have our own refrigerated storage. We also offer delivery to Spain and France.

For more inquiries about delivery, please contact us via e-mail –

If you want to see our product before ordering, please contact us for a sample package.