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The Helix Farm Foundation

The Helix Farm Foundation was established by a notarial deed on June 12, 2021 and registered in the National Court Register on July 9, 2021.

The main goal of the Foundation is to organise and provide help as part of public benefit activities. Our priority is the implementation of statutory goals that affect the level of culture, education, health of the society, universality of employment and national defense. The Foundation aims to operate in the fields of:

The Foundation deals with educational activities by organising and creating an educational path presenting the process of breeding the edible snail of the species Helix Aspersa Muller and Helix Aspersa Maxima, a playground, didactic activities for children, sports activities, educational workshops.

The breeding cycle is extremely interesting, which is why the Foundation has created an educational path with a playground intended mainly for children and youth. It makes people aware of the need to protect the environment, helps to shape the desired attitudes through physical activity, and makes people aware of the need for good organisation and responsibility for the work done.

The path is a walking trail, marked out in such a way that its route includes as many interesting natural objects as possible (nature path), documenting the individual phases of snail development. The purpose of creating a didactic path is education by observing objects in their natural environment, which is not possible in a classroom.

The entire snail breeding process is the basis of the educational path and plays an important role in the educational process in the field of ecology and fosters the development of local ecosystems, which helps teach youth and children to be responsible for the natural environment. After visiting the snail farm, the next element of the educational trail can be tourist attractions in Wojcieszków and its vicinity.

The educational path offer includes:

1. Visiting the educational path with an exhibition of snails from around the world
2. Educational / ecological / nature workshops
3. Lessons with demonstrations
4. Organization of sports activities
5. Organization of competitions, integration events, bonfires
6. Film screenings
7. Summer camps / winter camps

The element combining play and learning will be an interactive playground for children, which will promote fun and movement. In the playground there are paths imitating races, snail shells as houses, a swing and a house, and a sandbox.